Sunday, 25 September 2011

Everything 4 me =)


Just wanted to say:
luv u more than word that u know
u being my soul, being my inspiration to fulfill oll my dreams..sorry dear cause always make u in trouble wif my childish behavior. I always cry 4 no reasons, i'm really2 sorry...I want to be the only hand u ever need to hold. It doesn't matter where u go in life, what u do, or how much u have, i'm so glad to have u...I have a pairs of eyes but can't always too see u, I have a pairs of hands but can't always to hold u, but I have a heart, that always pray for u. u r everything 4 me...being luv wif u is the most wonderful things in my life.Thnks a lots..u are my everlasting love.

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